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Hi and welcome !

This website is mostly in french

except for this page and the Birth Diamond page.

It was made to share with you

the self-knowledge tools that were given to me.

You have here the opportunity

to learn more about yourself

by doing your "Birth Diamond" and your "astral chart"

and to obtain an answer to your question with the I Ching!

Sessions are in Lyon - Caluire et Cuire, in France, near metro station Cuire.

or can be done by phone : (+33 06 62 51 32 26)

Hope you enjoy the site !

Best regards !

Eric Jackson Perrin

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Your Birth Diamond

As all human beings created by "the Source", you are a Diamond that wants to shine.

This can be done by becoming aware of all your facets

and by expressing them in their best possible form.

Yhe Birth Diamond is a self-knowledge tool

that reveals your soul's structure thought 24 facets

In this session, you will discover your different facets

and how you can best express them.

The Birth Diamond is based on your first name,

your family name and your date of birth.

It is a systhesis of numerology, astrology and tarot.

By changing your awareness of who you are,

it changes your life !


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Birth Diamond session : Lasts about 1 hour by phone or live in Lyon France. Cost : 60€


The Book "The Birth Diamond" is available at Kindhe Amazon HERE

and also here in the english language section hereastrology lyon

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You can benefit from my 25 years experience in astrology if you want

astrology lyon

Your Astral Birth Chart shows the structure of your soul,

the experiences it has chosen so as to grow and its path to enlightement.

In this session, you will see the psychological and karmic aspects of your life,

with your schemes, your asets, your strengths and your contradictions.

Your astral chart will help you understand your potential

and also the causes of your eventual difficulties and recurring schemes

and how to handle them so that you can best express what you have in you.

All themes and sectors of your life can be delt with during the scession :

Work, partnerships, projects, evolution...

Astral birth chart session :

Lasts about 1 hour by phone or live in Lyon France.

Cost : 60€




Benefit from my 25 years experience with the I Ching

astrology lyon

The Chinese civilisation produced a book, the I-Ching, which shows all typical human situations and how each situation changes.

In this scession, you can ask one or two questions wich we help define together and then you can use the answers given by the I-Ching to make the best of your situation.

I-ching session : 1 hour by phone or live in Lyon France. Cost : 50€


Notice :

I have spent 20 years writting a new very clear, profound and espacially practical I-Ching .

It is now available in french ( 268 A4 sized pages).

It is now translated into english and available on Kindle Amazon here !



The most clear and practical I Ching ever written !

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Contact :

Eric Jackson PERRIN

Mail :
Skype : eric.jackson.perrin

Phone : 0033 4 26 00 42 46 and 0033 662 51 32 26




now available on kindle amazon in english here


A clear and practical electroic book

that enables you to understand and practice Mayan Astrology

according to 3 different calenders ...


Para que los afficionados de astrologia maya tengan un libro serio y practico !

Se puede comprar aqui !


Payment of sessions and donations

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or at your PAYPAL Account


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  Eric Jackson PERRIN : Citizen of the French Republic with spanish, english and german origins